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Carrie’s Heart, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Houston, Texas, is dedicated to improving the education, community involvement and overall quality of life of children with disabilities worldwide.
The central belief driving our mission is the recognition that all children, despite their disability or economic status, deserve to have basic needs met such as food, clothing, and medical care, as well as the opportunity to enrich their souls and minds, allowing them to achieve their greatest potential.

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Our local outreach in the Katy/West Houston area focuses on building community through social inclusion at family friendly events, support for caregivers, and the sharing of resources. 

Carrie's Heart Family

Time spent with friends and families are critical to fighting isolation.  We host social events that allow our families to experience community.

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Carrie’s Heart Mom’s Group

We believe that all of us know more than one of us! Through a private Facebook page, our caregivers share information about support, resources and events. 

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Special Needs Exchange

The specialized needs of a disabled child are expensive. Our families help each other by sharing resources they no longer need and requesting ones they do.

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Local Outreach


Our international outreach focusing on the Yucatan region of Mexico, supports families, professionals and volunteers in serving children with severe disabilities in their local communities. We cherish the ability to provide resources and education to others.  However, it is our connection with the local networks and colleagues in the communities served that allow us to have a greater impact.  

Monthly Child Sponsorship

The unfortunate reality is there are many children like Valerie in the world. Children are born with immense needs into a life of extreme poverty and vulnerability.  Our teams help to identify our children that are most at risk nutritionally, medically and economically. 


Monthly sponsorship of a child helps the family by providing the resources directly into the home to help them meet their child’s specific needs.  A huge weight is lifted off of these families when they can rely on monthly assistance for their child.  Long term relationships are built with families with regular visits to check in on their needs.  

Medical Mission Team 

Our Houston-based traveling Medical Mission Team evaluates needs and provides resources and training to local teams in the regions we serve.  The local teams can then expand their work in local communities.  Because we work with vulnerable indigenous communities, our team is made up of a core group of medical and educational professionals committed to provide consistent, long-term support for our families.


Our teams work together to respect cultural values and belief systems while also providing the knowledge and resources needed to care for a child with special needs in these circumstances. 


Fundación Casita Corazon 

Working in collaboration with Carrie’s Heart over many years, Fundacion Casita Corazon was formed in 2014 in the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, the gateway to the Southern Mayan Zone.  Our sister organization Casita Corazon is now a local nonprofit organization that continues to expand upon our mission of serving children with severe disabilities in the Yucatan.  Together we are now expanding our outreach into the outlying Mayan Communities where the needs of the children and their families are immense. 


The families in these remote communities continue to lead a very traditional life.  Living in typical Mayan huts with thatched roofs and dirt or concrete floors.  Families cook over fire and electricity and water are limited.  The families sleep in hammocks typically all within one room with the cooking area attached to the main hut.  It is truly a day-to-day existence.  Families have to make very difficult decisions like food for the family or medicine for their child’s medical needs. The Casita Corazon team works on identifying children in the communities, assessing their needs, providing needed resources and education for families.  They also provide opportunities that promote the integration of children and their families into the community.  

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Internatonal Outreach
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