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Carrie’s Heart was founded and began providing resources and special activities to special education schools in Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Local events and outreach for children and families began in the Katy / West Houston area. 

Our Leadership

Meet Our Leadership

Bio Pic Carrie.jpg

Carrie Conn Jones, Carrie’s Heart Founder and President, has an extensive background in working with children with multiple disabilities and medical complexities as a special education teacher and through her work with Carrie’s Heart in the communities she serves. 


Carrie lives a "carpe diem" kind of life when it comes to her kids because she realizes that for many of them their moments on this earth are fewer than most.  Whether Carrie is teaching her students, at a Carrie’s Heart event or entering a Mayan hut in the Yucatan, children with disabilities look forward to her infectious laugh and kind words.  She has the ability to look past the disabilities and see the soul of the person, bringing comfort and joy to so many who without her might feel hopeless. 

Carrie Conn Jones

President and Founder

Bio Pic Caitlind.jpg

Caitlind Davis has been volunteering with Carrie’s Heart since 2012.  With a background in Speech Language Pathology, her passion is to share her knowledge and skills with the families and staff in Mexico that do not have access to basic medical, therapy, and educational resources.



Caitlind is very passionate about her work and building relationships.  Her positive energy is contagious.  Aside from working closely with the families and Casita Corazon team, one of her favorite aspects about traveling to Mexico is the amazing food and meals shared together as “familia”. 

Caitlind Davis, M.S., CCC-SLP, CBIS 

Speech Pathologist


Arely is a physical therapist in Quintana Roo, Mexico who is dedicated to her profession and serves with great love.  In 2011 she had the wonderful opportunity of beginning the collaboration with Carrie’s Heart in mission work with the families of children with disabilities with very limited resources in the Mayan Zone of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and its surrounding communities. 

Arely collaborated in formation and leadership of Fundacion Casita Corazon with  the support and umbrella of Carrie’s Heart.  Working together to expand our mission of integral and cost free support of children and youth with disabilities in the Southern Mayan Zone.  Arely and the volunteer team of Casita Corazon are dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and youth with disabilities and their families throughout the region.   

Arely Urbina Castellanos

Physical Therapist

Bio Pic Talia.jpg

Talia Collier is a Pediatric Rehabilitation Physician. She specializes in the care of children with various disabilities, particularly those causing physical and functional deficits. She has always had an interest in international healthcare and worked in Doha, Qatar as well.

Her first trip to Mexico was in 2013. Talia has truly enjoyed working with Carrie’s Heart over the years. She loves when there is an opportunity for families to share their journey and is humbled by their stories. She loves being around the heartfelt energy of the families and their children and cherishes the opportunity to serve them.

Talia Collier, M.D.


Bio Pic Laura.jpg

Laura Martin works as a physical therapist and was introduced to the kids that Carrie's Heart supports over a decade ago.  Kids like Valerie who would have died of malnutrition without the intervention of a common procedure for kids in the US.  This planted a desire to be a part of the Carrie’s Heart  team to support the local medical and educational professionals, provide collaborative medical care, and seek donations of specialized medical equipment.  


What Laura loves most about Carrie's Heart is the empowerment that is provided to the Casita Corazon team and families.  What started as the dream of 1 person to help 1 child, has grown to a large team, supporting many families, and communities. 

Laura Martin, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Bio Pic Nora.jpg

Nora Nasr served many years as one of our original board and mission team members.  She was an amazing special education teacher who had the ability to connect with even the most challenging students.  She had a huge heart and love for every child she met. 


What Nora loved most about Carrie’s Heart was working directly with the children and their families.  Nora’s love for the “fun stuff” of bringing the children and families together for activities and outings in the community is at the heart of our work and carries on in her honor.  

In Memoriam
Nora Nasr 

Special Educator

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